Wenger swiss army knife

The Wenger Swiss Army Knife is how the whole Wenger story started in the first place – it’s one of their most popular products!

The Swiss Army knife used to be the basis of the company for decades and the commercial shows you exactly that – no matter what other product you decide to buy, there’s always some room for the handy Swiss Army knife.

Swiss army knife features

If you’ve ever wondered why are Swiss Army knives so popular, take a look at this video – they’re much more than just sharp blades.

Featuring a blade lock system to prevent injuries or damage, the use of the Genuine Swiss Army knife can be applied to a variety of activities: use it to prepare some of your camping food, to hold bits and do small fixes, as a screwdriver or even make yourself a pair of scissors!

Family camping trips to nature are fantastic – however, having a Genuine Swiss Army Knife might even make them better!