Making of shooting Cannes 2015

Friends, fun, and a proven-quality brand – a combination that never fails to impress, and Wenger knows it!

Into one heartwarming video, you’ll be allowed to take a closer look into the background of it all – the Making of video marks just how much group effort is needed to make something worthy out of a single photoshoot!

Set in the mesmerizing Cannes, the video shows the Wenger shooting process – the brainstorming process of the employees, the makeup prep of the models, and the photographers, determined to take a great shot at all costs!

Apart from the products, you can clearly see the core values and beliefs of Wenger in the Making of – simplicity, elegance, and multi-functionality.

Baselworld Metropolitan Party 2015

Stylish setting, dimmed lighting, and plenty of smiling faces – take a look into the Baselworld Metropolitan Party that took place in 2015. Of course, tasty food and refreshing drinks make for an even better experience.

As you can see for yourself, many of the participants have a sparkling asset on their wrists – Wenger watches are bold yet elegant and have the ability to bring evening looks to a whole different level.

Apart from that, an interesting addition to the party is the spray-painting artist that transforms an ordinary wall into an almost-realistic Wenger watch – a move that indicates the brand’s willingness to move forward and keep its products fresh and customer-appealing.

New collection 2015

In the video about their then-new collection in 2015, Wenger shows its ability to adapt and adjust to the modern market and needs of its clients.

Featuring modernistic music, you’ll be taken on a journey throughout new-era vistas combined with pristine watch models. Considering the video, Wenger has once again managed to combine old-time quality with some modern-day sophistication.

Invitation Baselworld 2015

Straight to the point, simple, and sophisticated – a showcase invitation exactly like the brand Wenger itself.

With their bold slogan – Come to discover the unexpected – the brand is strategically getting ready to impress both returning and new clients with their finest selection of products.