Wenger factory visit

Welcome to the adventurous world of Wenger!

Have you ever wondered what the manufacturing process at Wenger looks like? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to hear some testimonials from satisfied clients? Well, you’re in the right spot – the video is made to show you just that!

The video starts off by welcoming you in several languages, showing both Swiss and Wenger’s diverse culture. In one fragment, you can sneak a peek into the daily life of the factory. You’ll see for yourself just how much attention and love are given to every single product – some products are even assembled by hand as to ensure that the customer gets the best of the best.

By watching it, you’ll get a rare chance to be welcomed and guided through the manufacturing process of the Wenger factory by its CEO, Peter Hug. Later on, a few other experienced explorers and professional mountaineers share their experience from using Wenger products.

Then, you can see the multifunctionality that comes along with the products that work well in different environments – in your home, office, during your business trip or while on family outings in nature. The well-known Swiss Army knife is a great asset to every family – its use is so diverse, it may as well be the only thing you’ll need during your camping trip.

As Hug says himself in the end, having some Wenger tools means that you’ll always be prepared and precise – no matter the type of products you decide to buy, you can be rest assured that Wenger won’t fail you.

Squadron collection

The Squadron collection promises to gear you up for your next most difficult challenge, whatever that might be for you.

Made to be extremely durable, watches from the Squadron collection feature superluminova hands and markers, allowing you to be aware of the time even in total darkness. Considering it’s designed to be used as part of your heavy-duty gear, a great asset is the chronograph function – you could easily track 60 seconds, 30 minutes or 12 hours.

Depending on personal preference, you can choose between a silicone strap or one made from some stainless steel – both allow for a comfortable wear.

Ueli Steck Wenger knife

Conquering high mountain tops isn’t the easiest task in the world. However, it’s sure made easier by using the Ueli Steck Wenger knife – a knife that allows for extreme use while being extremely useful!

The knife is small enough to be carried around easily though strong enough to deal with whatever stands on your way to the top. Its use is so diverse, it replaces a handful of tools you might need on your trip. For the maximum experience, don’t forget to pair it up with one of their watches.

The ad also features some breathtaking views from Switzerland’s most beautiful mountain tops.

Wenger swiss army knife

The Wenger Swiss Army Knife is how the whole Wenger story started in the first place – it’s one of their most popular products!

The Swiss Army knife used to be the basis of the company for decades and the commercial shows you exactly that – no matter what other product you decide to buy, there’s always some room for the handy Swiss Army knife.

Swiss army knife features

If you’ve ever wondered why are Swiss Army knives so popular, take a look at this video – they’re much more than just sharp blades.

Featuring a blade lock system to prevent injuries or damage, the use of the Genuine Swiss Army knife can be applied to a variety of activities: use it to prepare some of your camping food, to hold bits and do small fixes, as a screwdriver or even make yourself a pair of scissors!

Family camping trips to nature are fantastic – however, having a Genuine Swiss Army Knife might even make them better!

The Wenger Factory: Delemont, Switzerland

The Wenger factory in Delemont, Switzerland is always welcoming guests – they sure have more than a few things to show to their guests.

Right at the beginning of the video, you’ll get to see the famous Giant – a Swiss Army knife that went into the Guinness Book of World Records. You can even buy it for yourself for a thousand Swiss francs – but be careful, as it’s more of a collection item and not meant to be used.

In the video, you get to see Peter Hug, the company’s CEO, telling a brief story about the factory’s history and current markets. Talking about one of the company’s most sold product – the Swiss Army knife – Hug shares that every single unit is hand-tested as to ensure everything is working perfectly!

Apart from that, see for yourself the supreme organization of the factory and its production lines, as well as the great care with which factory workers handle each product. If you ever happen to visit the Wenger factory yourself, you can even buy products there and get each item personalized.