The Wenger Factory: Delemont, Switzerland

The Wenger factory in Delemont, Switzerland is always welcoming guests – they sure have more than a few things to show to their guests.

Right at the beginning of the video, you’ll get to see the famous Giant – a Swiss Army knife that went into the Guinness Book of World Records. You can even buy it for yourself for a thousand Swiss francs – but be careful, as it’s more of a collection item and not meant to be used.

In the video, you get to see Peter Hug, the company’s CEO, telling a brief story about the factory’s history and current markets. Talking about one of the company’s most sold product – the Swiss Army knife – Hug shares that every single unit is hand-tested as to ensure everything is working perfectly!

Apart from that, see for yourself the supreme organization of the factory and its production lines, as well as the great care with which factory workers handle each product. If you ever happen to visit the Wenger factory yourself, you can even buy products there and get each item personalized.