Brand movie

In its brand movie, Wenger gives a clear insight not only into their products but into their values as well. Obviously taking pride into their Swiss background – their logo itself features the Swiss flag! – viewers are allowed to sneak a peek into the most magnificent views of Switzerland apart from the variety of products offered.

Starting off by comparing past and present production, the movie includes rare historical pictures of the production facility in the past. Stating that nowadays both their products and values are “up to date”, Wenger shows its marvelous ability to adjust and follow market’s demands as years go by.

Targeting a wide range of customers, the Wenger products are suitable just about for everyone, not only for the business or travel oriented. With their sleek design, multi-functionality as well as durability, the brand has managed to justify its reputation.

Making of shooting Cannes 2015

Friends, fun, and a proven-quality brand – a combination that never fails to impress, and Wenger knows it!

Into one heartwarming video, you’ll be allowed to take a closer look into the background of it all – the Making of video marks just how much group effort is needed to make something worthy out of a single photoshoot!

Set in the mesmerizing Cannes, the video shows the Wenger shooting process – the brainstorming process of the employees, the makeup prep of the models, and the photographers, determined to take a great shot at all costs!

Apart from the products, you can clearly see the core values and beliefs of Wenger in the Making of – simplicity, elegance, and multi-functionality.

Baselworld Metropolitan Party 2015

Stylish setting, dimmed lighting, and plenty of smiling faces – take a look into the Baselworld Metropolitan Party that took place in 2015. Of course, tasty food and refreshing drinks make for an even better experience.

As you can see for yourself, many of the participants have a sparkling asset on their wrists – Wenger watches are bold yet elegant and have the ability to bring evening looks to a whole different level.

Apart from that, an interesting addition to the party is the spray-painting artist that transforms an ordinary wall into an almost-realistic Wenger watch – a move that indicates the brand’s willingness to move forward and keep its products fresh and customer-appealing.

Urban Metropolitan Watches

The Urban Metropolitan collection focuses on the more elegant, nicer side of things – Wenger once again has managed to prove that simplicity always wins.

The collection features mostly high-end quality watches – no heavy-duty watches are included here but the collection still won’t fail to make an impression over you.

New collection 2015

In the video about their then-new collection in 2015, Wenger shows its ability to adapt and adjust to the modern market and needs of its clients.

Featuring modernistic music, you’ll be taken on a journey throughout new-era vistas combined with pristine watch models. Considering the video, Wenger has once again managed to combine old-time quality with some modern-day sophistication.

Invitation Baselworld 2015

Straight to the point, simple, and sophisticated – a showcase invitation exactly like the brand Wenger itself.

With their bold slogan – Come to discover the unexpected – the brand is strategically getting ready to impress both returning and new clients with their finest selection of products.

Seaforce collection

What’s a better description for their waterproof watch collection than In-depth timekeeping? Almost ideal for any water activities, Wenger’s Seaforce collection won’t disappoint you.

In the commercial, you can see some of the watches’ premium features outlined, such as the reinforced stainless steel frame that prolongs the durability of the watch or the silicone strap that allows for a comfortable wear. Since the collection is primarily meant for use within water, all of the watches are water-resistant up to 200 meters under water!

Showing more than a few models, Wenger has once again offered a diverse collection, thus making it easy for everyone to find something of their liking.

Wenger Business Clip

A large number of Wenger’s products are aimed to help business travelers and commuters get the best experience out of their gear.

Made to be durable and of top-notch quality, the company is trying to show people in the business world that their products are reliable – both when they’re on the road, as shown with the moving picture on the back and when they’re in the office.

No matter how far you might be heading, you can be rest assured that all of your electronic devices and documents will stay safe and sound at one place. Bearing in mind its long tradition when it comes to luggage gear, all of Wenger’s products should feel comfortable while at the same time giving you that business-sophisticated look.

Urban Classic

Wenger watches are proud to announce the Wenger Urban Classic watch collection!

Shot around remarkable city sights, Wenger made the Urban Classic collection for all the modern-day city dwellers.

As shown in the video, the watches are suitable to be worn in a multi-environment: no matter whether you’ll be on the move catching the tram in the busy hours of the day or enjoying a casual stroll in the evening. On top of that, you can be assured that you’ll get everywhere on time.

The design of the Urban Classic watches fits well not only with a busy schedule but with different outfits as well – the polished finish and the comfortable straps really do make an outfit better!

Wenger watches 2014 collection

Is there a better way to combine the functionality of the Wenger watches and their Swiss background rather than doing a skiing commercial?

Featuring a short story, you can see that the use of one of Wenger’s watches is so diverse, that it can easily be worn on skiing trips – or any other sports activity – during business hours as well as during leisure time.

Reinforced so to prolong the durability of the watch, each piece is still delicate enough to serve as an elegant accessory when the occasion calls for that. Each watch can be easily incorporated to fit into any individual’s lifestyle without much fuss.

And of course, as the commercial tells itself – at least you’ll always be on time!